Merced’s Central Park: Applegate Park, Zoo & Kiddieland Merced


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Applegate Park is Merced’s central park

Located along the Bear Creek Bikeway, the park is an excellent destination on bike or foot.  It offers 32 acres of recreation with a zoo, outdoor theater, picnic tables, bbq grills, volleyball nets, tennis/basketball courts, a skate park, rental facilities, a large playground, a rose garden and fountain, and the Kiwanas-sponsored Kiddieland amusement park.



Plenty of parking is located around the park.  Many community events are held at Applegate, including concerts and plays in the summer.




Applegate Park is located along Bear Creek and the Bear Creek bikeway, between M and R Streets.  The southern edge of the park follows 25th Street, P Street, and 26th Street. 

Parking is available along the southern edge, N Street, and a parking lot on R Street near the Zoo.



Applegate Park Zoo

Kiwanis Kiddieland

Merced Open Air Theater

Sports Facilities (Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball)


Bear Creek Bikeway


Fitness Equipment

Rental Facilities


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Applegate Park Zoo

The zoo specializes in local wildlife and activities for children, showcasing species native to the Central Valley and the foothills.  From commonly-seen birds such as egrets and hawks to the elusive mountain lion, the zoo offers a cross-section of native wildlife. 

Most of the animals have been relocated from wildlife rescue agencies.  

Although owned by the City of Merced, the zoo is operated by the nonprofit Merced Zoological Society.

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Friendly, trained volunteers are available to answer questions.  This is a great place to get a close-up view of local species before heading out to a nearby wildlife refuge.


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Hours and Admission

The zoo is open from 10-5 daily in the spring and summer and from 10-4 in the fall and winter, weather permitting.  The zoo is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. 

For the latest Zoo hours and cost for admission, click here


The zoo is located on R Street between Bear Creek and 25th Street.  A parking lot is located on the corner of R and 25th.




Petting Zoo and Goat Feeding: Friendly (and hungry) goats can be fed with goat food for sale at the zoo’s gift shop until the day’s supply runs out.  Visitors who wish to feed the goats are advised to visit before 2PM. 

The zoo also offers a small petting area where kids can play with chickens, rabbits, ducks, kittens, turtles and guinea pigs.  

Field Trips: The Merced Zoological Society can arrange guided visits to the zoo for school groups.

Zoo Camp and Special Events: The zoo holds two one-week zoo camps for children aged 6 to 9 and a “Trick or Treat in the Zoo” on Halloween.



Sometimes it is the “small animals” that are fun for the little ones!

This is a safe and fun option for families with small children.  A storytime for kids aged 3-5 is offered every Saturday from 11-12.  A number of other special events happen throughout the year.


Birthday Parties

The zoo can be rented for birthday parties.  Facilities include the Rossotti Ed-Zoo-Cation Center building with tables, chairs, refrigerator, freezer, and silverware.  Table coverings, napkins, plates, cups, and invitations in an animal theme design are provided.


Zoo Parent Adoption Program

Groups can participate in the Zoo Parent Adoption Program which allows them to help feed and care for the zoo’s animals.

Gift Shop

The Zoological Society operates a gift shop that specializes in educational toys, books, and gifts.  All proceeds help support the zoo’s operations.



Mammals: black bear, mule deer, bobcat, raccoon, red fox, silver fox, opossum, goat, capuchin monkey


screach owlBirds: albino scrub jay, black crowned night heron, black swan, burrowing owl, cattle egret, emu, great egret, great snowy egret, green heron, great horned owl, harrier hawk,

owlibis, kestrel, killdeer, magpie, northern flicker, peacock, raven, red tailed hawk, snowy egret, screech owl, Swainsons hawk, wild turkey, whistling (tundra) swan, wimberl, white faced ibisdeer

Reptiles: tortoise, turtle

City of Merced- Applegate  Zoo  info (click here)

or contact the Merced Zoological Society at /

(209) 725-DEER   (725-3337)

Kiddieland: Merced Kiwanis


Oporates the local Kiddieland amusement park since 1957.  With six rides including a train that loops around Applegate Park, Kiddieland is a great place to take children on weekend afternoons. 

Friendly Kiwanis volunteers operate the rides on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5PM starting in March of each year.

The amusement park remains open through October. Snacks are available at a refreshment booth.  Kiddieland can be also be rented for private parties.

For more information about Kiddieland, click here

Location: Near the intersection of 25th and Q Streets.

Additional information: Check out the Kiwanis webpage at is a worldwide volunteer organization whose motto is “serving the children of the world.”

Merced Open Air Theater

The most popular outdoor entertainment venue in Merced County, the Open Air Theater is the site of free concerts and plays throughout the summer.  The theater can be rented for private events.  Visit the City of Merced’s webpage for rental information: City of Merced Rental information.

Merced Shakespearefest stages Shakespeare plays at the Open Air Theater every summer.  For more information go to:

Location: The theater is located in the middle of the park along the bikeway.

Sports Facilities

Volleyball nets are located in the eastern half of the park, between M and O Streets.

Tennis and basketball courts are located in the center of the park, near Kiddieland.

Skatepark: The skatepark is located in the center of the park, near O and 26th Streets.


Bikeway: Applegate Park is located along the Bear Creek Bikeway, which runs from McKee Road to Highway 59.  This route connects with other bikeways and bike lanes in Merced.  For a map, go to Also check out our page titled Bike Paths in Merced County for additional bike routes throughout the county.

Playground: A large playground is located in the center of the park along 25th street between Q and P Streets.  The playground includes swings, a large climbing structure with slides, and benches.

Rental Facilities: The Rossotti Ed-Zoo-Cation Center, Merced Open Air Theater, Scout Hut, Picnic Shelters, Gazebo and Rose Garden can all be rented for group events.    

Visit the City of Merced’s webpage for rental costs and forms: City of Merced Rental information.

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